Remembrance Day (RD) Contest 13th – 14th August 2022


3UnknownContest Manager Alan Shannon VK4SN

([email protected])

This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died during World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and help improve the operating skills of participants. It is held on the weekend closest to the 13th and 14th August, the date on which hostilities ceased in the southwest Pacific area.
Amateurs in VK, ZL and P2 will endeavour to contact other amateurs in VK, ZL and P2.

  • VK, ZL, and P2 mean any station operating within Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea and their external territories.
  • Points are only awarded for valid contacts between VK, ZL and P2 stations.

For more information visit the WIA website,

Go on have a go!

Best of luck,
Bob [VK4EK]