Ipswich & District Radio Club – VK4WIP

Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Sister Club

By Murray Brims VK4MWB.
Since April members and friends of The Ipswich and District Radio Club have been participating in a regular net with our sister Club, The Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club in Maple Ridge , British Columbia , Canada.
This net is accessed via Ipswich IRLP repeater, 438.425, at 1230 hrs each Thursday (actual time in Canada is 1930hrs the night before). Members wishing to join in generally meet on air at approximately1225 hrs where one person is then nominated to dial into Maple Ridge (IRLP 1910). The net is very well managed and the net controller usually calls in the IRLP participants early. We generally get one over only. There can be up to 24 check ins and it has been very interesting and rewarding to develop friendships with the Canadians. Some of the Ipswich Club members now also correspond with their Canadian counter parts via email. The Maple Ridge people are very welcoming and all licenced Amateurs are encouraged to check in. More information, and a list of check ins, can be found on the Maple Ridge Club website.
There is an additional net, called the Sunset Net (IRLP 9009) that our members are also invited to join. This is based in Vancouver and is held each Sunday at 1230 hrs and the same check in guide lines apply. Several Maple Ridge members are regular check ins on this net.
Regards Murray